"My mission is to make my clients projects go as smoothly and as quickly as possible. My specialization is making creatures and characters come to life through unique and iconic designs grounded in real life. "

About me:

Iā€™m concept artist and Illustrator living in Los Angeles - available for freelance, contract and full time work.

 My love for art and design began as young child when I got my hands on an Art of Star Wars book.  I was mesmerized by the designs and knew that I wanted to create worlds and beautiful designs. I spent my childhood drawing and eventually made it out to LA to study at Brainstorm School of Art and Design in Burbank and I began freelancing in 2018 .

When I'm not working - I spend time sketching from life and watching documentaries to expand my visual library or working on my personal world building project. If I'm not doing any art- I'll be doing a number of hobbies -cooking, Brazilin Ju Jitsu, tennis, social dancing - I try to keep my interests varied to keep me excited and learning about life.